Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Master Closets Take on a New Design

If you are considering home construction, you may naturally want to correct some of the issues you have with your current home. One of the issues that many new homeowners plan to resolve is a lack of closet space.

In fact, while other areas of the home are growing smaller, many people are increasing the sizes of their closets. Luxurious master closets now resemble small designer boutiques in many homes. With enough space to qualify it as a dressing room, these spaces offer a completely new take on the traditional walk-in closet. Now designed to provide more than just simple functional storage, luxury master closets include a number of features, such as:

·         Staggered hanging carousels for jackets, skirts, and shirts
·         Swing rods that eliminate the need to strain and reach for higher hanging items
·         Banks of bureau drawers
·         Built-in floor wall or floor safes for valuables
·         Floor-to-ceiling mirrors
·         Organized shoe storage spaces
·         Dressing benches
·         Locking drawers

Depending upon your lifestyle and needs, there are also many other elements that can be incorporated into a luxury master closet, including rotating scarf and tie carousels and lingerie caches. No matter what type of luxury master closet you might have in mind for your new home, an experienced custom home builder can help to make your dreams come true. 

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